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Internship Guidelines

Internships within the Computer Science are implemented in the course, CSCI 490. The Internship carry three semester-hours of credit. An Intership course is under the direction of a faculty member in the department who will be the internship director.

To obtain the approval of the internship director and the department chair, the student must submit a written application to the director outlining the goals and nature of the proposed internship. The student should consult the director beforehand and discuss various possibilities.

To qualify for an internship, the student must be majoring in Computer Science, possess a gradepoint average of no less than 3.0 in the major, have at least junior standing and be enrolled in a minimum of one other upper-level Computer Science course. (An exception to the latter can be made if the internship happens to be in the summer, although normally the internships will be during the academic year.) The student must also be recommended by a member of the Computer Science faculty.

The student accepted into this course will spend 10 to 15 hours a week as an intern with an organization in the Rochester area. The student will perform tasks assigned by the supervisor in the organization with the goal of participating in meaningful, real-world computer applications or research. The student will keep a daily journal and meet periodically with the internship director. The completed journal is to be submitted to the director at the end of the semester. (Typically, the student will meet at least bi-weekly with the director.) A post-internship report describing the relationship of courses taken, new skills acquired, problems encountered and tangible accomplishments must be submitted by the student to the director. Near the end of the semester (the last week or the penultimate week), the student will participate in a seminar to present an oral report to the students and faculty of the department.

The student’s work supervisor will submit an evaluation of the student’s work to the director. Based on this evaluation and the student’s reports (written and oral), the director will assign a final grade. These reports will be submitted to the department chair for the departmental files, and a summary report to the Dean will be provided.

Students may not take this course more than once.

Although every effort will be made to arrange an internship for a qualified student, there is no guarantee that there will be a sufficient number of internships to accommodate qualified students wishing to enroll in the course. It should be noted that it is very rare that an internship cannot be found.

Internship Director: Professor Elizabeth Leboffe

Internship Resources

SJFC's Career Center provides information on internships through CareerZone. You can also contact the Career Center directly for help and information.

Some of the recent internship provider are:
Paychex, Xerox, Barden Homes, Sutherland Group, Kodak, and Logical Operations.

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