Department of Mathematical & Computing Sciences
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Bruce Blaine

PhD Psychology with a 2nd specialty in Statistics (University at Buffalo)
PStatŪ American Statistical Association Accredited Professional Statistician
MA Experimental Psychology (St. Bonaventure University)
BS Psychology (Houghton College)

Office: PIOCH 114A, 585-899-3808

Areas of study:
Statistical and quantitative methods in the social sciences, meta-analysis, statistical reasoning and inference, statistical consulting

Typical courses taught:
Regression Analysis, Design & Analysis of Experiments, Data Analysis for Social Research, Meta-analysis, Program Evaluation (graduate)

Daniel Cass

BA Mathematics (University of Rochester)
MA and PhD Mathematics (SUNY at Stony Brook)

Office: PIOCH C103L, 585-385-8178

Areas of Study:
Number Theory, Abstract Algebra

Typical Courses Taught:
Calculus, Geometry, Probability, Discrete Mathematics
Ryan Gantner - Department Chair

BA in Mathematics (University of Wisconsin)
MS and PhD in Mathematics (University of Minnesota)

Office: PIOCH C114D, 585-899-3810

Areas of Study:
Probability Theory, Stochastic Modeling, Numerical Analysis

Typical Courses Taught:
Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Mathematical Modeling
Kris H. Green

BS in Engineering Physics (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1994)
MS in Applied Mathematics (University of Arizona, 1996)
PhD in Applied Mathematics (University of Arizona, 1999)

Office: PIOCH C114B, 585-385-7367

Areas of Study:
General Relativity, Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, Mathematics and Science Education

Typical Courses Taught:
Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, Multivariable Calculus, Science of World Building, Science Scholars Learning Community, Dynamics of the Physical World
W. Scott Harrison

BS in Computer Science (Southeastern Louisiana University)
PhD in Computer Science (Tulane University)

Office: PIOCH 128, 585-899-3811

Areas of Study:
Computer Security, Mobile Agents, Computer Architecture

Typical Courses Taught:
Computer Security, Mobile Agents, Computer Architecture, Survivability
Erica L. Johnson

BS in Mathematics (University of Nebraska at Omaha)
MS in Mathematics (University of Nebraska at Omaha)
PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Emphasis in Mathematics Education (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Office: PIOCH C114F, 585-385-8163

Areas of Study:
Mathematics Education (K-12 and Undergraduate), Psychology of Mathematics Education, Number Theory

Typical Courses Taught:
Calculus I and II, Discrete Structures, Avanced Perspectives for Secondary Teachers, and Number Theory
Elizabeth Leboffe

BS in Mathematics (SUNY Brockport)
MS in Computer Science (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Office: PIOCH 138

Areas of Study:
Databases, Networks, Web Technologies, Computer Architectures

Typical Courses Taught:
Database Structures, Database Applications, Programming the WWW, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks and Internets
Mark McKinzie

BA in Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy (San Jose State University)
MA in Mathematics (University of Wisconsin)
PhD in Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy (University of Wisconsin)

Office: PIOCH C114E

Areas of Study:
History of Mathematics, Abstract Algebra, Classical and Nonstandard Analysis, Mathematical Logic

Typical Courses Taught:
Calculus I and II, Differential Equations, Geometry of Structures, Mathematical Logic
GMST courses: History of Mathematics, Experiments in Mathematics
Donald L. Muench

BS in Mathematics (St. John Fisher College, NY)
MS in Mathematics (St. John's University, NY)
DA in Mathematics (Idaho State University)
Certification in CS (IFRICS, Clarkson University, NY)

Office: PIOCH 136, 585-385-8155

Areas of Study:
Matrix Theory, Numerical Analysis, Programming Languages

Typical Courses Taught:
Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Abstract Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Foundations in Programming I, Foundations in Programming II, Data Structures and Algorithms
Bernard Ricca - Director GMST Program

BA in Mathematics (University of Dallas)
BS in Physics (University of Dallas)
MS in Physics (University of Chicago)
PhD in Physics (University of Michigan)

Office: PIOCH 114C

Aras of Study:
Student Conceptual Growth, Physics Education, Cognition and Learning

Typical Courses Taught:
Inquiry in the Classroom, Teaching Mathematics and Science, Integrated Science
Erik Winarski

AS in Mathematics (Finger Lakes Community College)
BS in Mathematics and Physics (State University of New York at Plattsburgh)
Master of Science in Teaching (SUNY Plattsburgh)
PhD in Mathematics Education (Indiana University)

Office: PIOCH 114G, 585-385-5241

Areas of Study:
Mathematics Teaching and Learning of Students with Disabilities. Teaching and Learning of Algebra. High-Stakes, National, and International Assessment. Philosophy of Mathematics

Typical Courses Taught:
Research I and II, Inquiry in the Classroom, Teaching Secondary School Math

Beth LaVigne - Sr. Administrative Assistant  

Office: PIOCH C115