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GMST Course Details

Core Courses

Core courses model team-oriented,active-learning environments and provide direct experiences with:

  • Foundations in learning mathematics, science, and technology
  • Background of the MST movement in the nation and in New York
  • Methods and processes of inquiry and problem solving
  • How to teach in an inquiry-based learning environment
  • How to design inquiry-based activities/modules
  • Further study of concepts in mathematics, science, and technology
  • Emphasizing relationship among the disciplines in 1–12
  • Working in teams, across grade levels and disciplines
  • Incorporating a variety of research-based pedagogical strategies based upon the knowledge of learning styles
  • Incorporating a variety of assessment methods to achieve authentic assessment
  • Using technology to accomplish literature searches, data collection and analysis, and problem solving

GMST 502 Inquiry in the Classroom (3)
GMST 513 Assessment Practices in Mathematics, Science, and Technology (3)
GMST 560 Three Areas of Technology: Physical, Information/Communication, Bio-related (3)

Supporting Courses

GMST 501 Problem-Based Learning (3)
GMST 510 Classroom Dynamics* (3)
GMST 511 Integrating Technology in a Learning Environment** (3)
GMST 512 Engineering Design Solutions to Problems (3)
GMST 517 Teaching Mathematics and Science* (3)
GMST 522 Differentiation of Instruction in the Mathematics, Science, & Technology Classrooms (3)
GMST 525 Literacy Through MST (3)

*Supporting courses only for those entering without initial certification.
**Required supporting courses for those entering with initial certification.

Content-Enrichment Courses

This section of the curriculum was designed to meet the specific mathematical, scientific, and technological professional and personal goals of the students. Students will select courses in consultation with a team of instructors, including the program director, and according to guidelines. The permission of the program director must be obtained if the graduate student chooses to vary from these guidelines. These courses will primarily be offered during the summer sessions.

Courses designed for elementary and middle school teachers:

GMST 530 Learning and Teaching Mathematics Through Explorations (3)
GMST 531 Developing Literacy and Communication Skills Through MST (3)
GMST 532 Learning and Teaching Science Through Explorations (3)
GMST 533 Integrating Mathematics, Science, and Technology (3)

Courses designed for middle and high school mathematics teachers:

GMST 541 AP Computer Science Using JAVA (3)
GMST 542 Discrete Algorithms and Concepts (3)
GMST 544 Experiments in Mathematics (3)
GMST 545 Geometry: Theory, Applications, and Technology (3)
GMST 547 Mathematics in a Technological Age (3)
GMST 548 History of Mathematicss (3)
GMST 570 Modeling Change in Mathematics and Science (3)
GMST 577 Special Topics in Mathematics (3)

Courses designed for middle and high school science teachers:

GMST 550 Environmental Science (3)
GMST 551 Integrated Science (3)
GMST 552 Science, Technology, and Society (3)
GMST 553 Experiments in Science (3)
GMST 570 Modeling Change in Mathematics and Science (3)

Courses designed for middle and high school technology teachers:

GMST 561 Engineering Design Solutions to Problems II (3)
GMST 562 Human Factors Engineering (3)

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