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Adolescence Certification in Mathematics or Science

The Master's in Mathematics/Science/Technology Education, including Adolescence Teacher Certification in Mathematics or Science, requires 45 credits of coursework, plus six credits of student teaching. Included in the program is 100 hours of fieldwork experience prior to student teaching.

The courses below are required for all candidates pursuing adolescence teacher certification in mathematics or a science area. After completing these courses and student teaching, the student then completes the MS in Mathematics/Science/Technology Education by completing four additional GMST courses selected with the advisor and the two research courses, which includes the required Teacher-As-Researcher project.

Note: Education (GEDU) courses required for certification do not meet requirements in the GMST degree program.

GAED 528 The Adolescent (3)
GAED 533 Field Experience I (0)
GAED 586 Student Teaching Seminar (0)
GAED 591 Student Teaching (6)
GEDU 501 Issues in Safety and Health (0)
GEDU 520 History and Philosophy of Education (3)
GMST 502 Inquiry in the Classroom (3)
GMST 510 Classroom Dynamics (3)
GMST 513 Assessment Practices in Mathematics, Science, Technology (3)
GMST 517 Teaching Mathematics and Science (3)
GMST 525 Literacy through MST (Adolescence) (3)
GMST 560 Three Areas of Technology: Physical, Information/Communication, Bio-related (3)
GRGD 507 Teaching Reading to Learners with Special Needs: Adolescence (3)

Candidates pursuing adolescence certification in mathematics or science (biology, chemistry, or physics) must complete 30 hours of study in the subject of the certificate sought, as required by the New York State Department of Education. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate competency in their chosen area of certification. These competencies have been established by the National Science Teachers Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Meeting these competencies may require coursework beyond the 30-credit-hour New York State requirement. GMST content-enrichment courses can be used to fulfill these requirements.

Candidates who have successfully completed the Content Specialty Test in their teaching field and have completed the above courses, including student teaching, will be eligible for the initial teaching certificate. To obtain the master's degree, the candidate must complete the balance of the program.

Candidates who present satisfactory evidence of the ability to perform at the graduate level are admitted to the graduate program in Mathematics/Science/Technology Education at St. John Fisher College. The Admissions Committee of the program and the director of the MST program judge applicant qualifications.

In addition to the general admissions materials and credentials, applicants may submit results of the Graduate Record Examination to strengthen an application.

GMST Advising Forms

  • (Bright Pink Form) Teacher Certification (7-12) in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, or Physics
  • (Gold Form) Dual Teacher Certification In 7-12 Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, or Physics AND Special Education

Teaching Certification

Dual Certification in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics and Special Education

Candidates interested in pursuing dual certification in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics and Special Education need to complete the requirements for initial certification as well as one additional field experience and the following additional coursework.
GAED 501 Special Education in Today’s Schools (3)
GAED 502 Methods and Strategies for Teaching Students with Exceptional Learning Needs (3)
GAED 512 Behavior Management in the inclusive classroom: Adolescence (3)
GAED 516 Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation of Students with Special Needs (3)

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